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Population and Geography based on 2020 census
Margaret Thompson
More communities must be kept together. Arkansas’ communities have “organic” boundaries already in place – county lines, city, town or village boundaries, natural boundaries (lakes & rivers) etc. I understand that population is required to be a consideration and certainly larger cities would need to be split to meet that requirement. However, it is highly curious as to why small cities like Green Forest or Mountain Home should be split. Even more curious is why the southeast third of Carroll County should belong with Madison County. Indeed they are both rural. But so is the northeast third of Carroll County. Why are these rural sections of the same county not kept together? It would make more sense to keep the lakeside community around Bull Shoals Lake more in one piece with the lake community around Norfork. That would be a more natural division as these communities have developed that way organically over the years. And District 27 is a disgrace. Surely the people in and around Ponca have more in common with people in Kingston (just over the proposed district border in 26), both being rural and more mountainous, than they do with the people 3 counties away in Mt. Pleasant or Melbourne, a rural but much more agricultural area.
Patsy E Gunn
When a citizen’s vote is rendered useless, the country ceases to be a Democracy. These gerrymandered districts accomplish just that. Representatives decide who their voters will be instead of voters deciding who their representatives will be. Lawmakers then are highly partisan considering only the ideological wishes of their voters, rather than the common good of all citizens. To allow this to happen is tantamount to surrendering our freedom. Restore districting to common-sense boundaries – restore the nation’s faith in our electoral system. Fair and equal representation can only be created when every vote counts.
Glenda Allison
I live in an area, Carroll County AR, that has a significant Hispanic population. Why is “Hispanic” not listed in the choices for ethnicity? The town of Green Forest is cut in two with this final map. The Hispanic population is very high in this community. They are a large part of the working people here and need representation. Why is it fair that cities can be split to “control “ the outcome of our vote? Why is it ok to have created more districts than lean Republican just because they can? I do not agree that these maps should be accepted.
Gary Toub
This proposed redistricting splits 30 cities into 2-3 districts, diluting the power of minority voters. A healthy democracy requires fair elections, not elections that are manipulated by one party, that is, the party in power. This attempt to secure political power is blatantly corrupt and clearly unacceptable.
Suzanne Z Childers
Republican legislators have split thirty cities into 2-3 districts so that they can dilute the power of minority voters. These partisan maps need to be challenged in court as they are blatantly unconstitutional.
Sarah King
I oppose splitting the core residential areas of central Springdale into different districts. The proposed new districts would put our home and our son's elementary school in separate districts. My interests are more closely aligned with my neighbors on the other side of the railroad tracks than they are with folks who live on large acreages out near Beaver Lake. It's much more sensible to group the neighborhoods of central Springdale together.
Andrea K Sadler
Communities have been split unnecessarily all over the state. The splits have the effect of disenfranchising voters. I want all voices to be heard in my state. I strongly oppose this redistricting map.
Brandy F
Neighborhood and natural borders are ignored. Do better.
Sylvia Aimerito
District 18 needs to be "squared up" so that Elm Springs is in one district and the southern border of the District runs east-west to include Wheeler and Harmon, which share interests with Tontitown.
Kathy Wells
Dist. 49 at Ft. Smith is racial gerrymandering and should be rejected. there's only 40 minority voters in this district, which cuts apart an existing community of interest in the geography of the river loop. next to it in Dist. 48, there's but 47 % minority voters. This breaks the Do Right Rule, and it also fails to meet stated criteria for this process.
Kathy Wells
Dist. 63 is racial gerrymandering and should be stopped. it breaks communities of interest in W. Memphis and Forrest City by lumping them together, and it packs minority voters so that #63 has a 59 % minority voting group. while next to this, #37 has only 32 % minority voters.
Kathy Wells
Dist. 63 packs minority voters to get 59 % minority voters and that is racial gerrymandering that ought to be stopped. It breaks the Do Right Rule; it does not follow criteria for this process. worst of all, it breaks up communities of interest in W. Memphis and Forrest City by lumping them together into #63. next to that is created #37 with 32 % minority voters. very public distortion!
Kathy Wells
proposed House District # 63 packs minority voters combining West Memphis and Forrest City voters to create a district with 59 % minority voters, by wiping out the separate communities of interest in West Memphis and Forrest City. then District 37 is created with only 32 % minority voters. this is racial gerrymandering and should not be allowed. This breaks the Do Right Rule. and it fails to follow criteria stated for this process.
Kathy Wells
proposed House District 66 packs minority voters so there's 59 % minority voters in the district, while separating the community of interest that exists today, sending minority voters from area into proposed #67, holding 38 % minority voters and # 69 holding 23 % minority voters. That violates the Do Right Rule. It fails to meet announced criteria, as well.
Karla Palma
Northside Fort Smith, former District 78 has historically boasted the highest concentration of Hispanic, African American and Asian communities for the city. The Northside of Fort Smith is now being split when we are clearly a community of interest. It was split right across the street where I live on Spradling Ave. My neighbor and I now live in two separate districts, grouped with our neighboring city that is separated by a bridge. It makes more sense to keep the northside of Fort Smith whole as it was and use the natural divisions "river" to keep the northside together apart from Van Buren and the other rural areas in district 48. Proposed District 49 divides these communities. Concerned that District 49 reaches so far down into South East Fort Smith; in contrast, the area near Carol Ann Cross park is similar to District 50. The area around Carol Ann Cross Park is more of a community of interest for District 50 than District 49. Again this raises concerns that the new district lines will impede our ability as Hispanics to elect our choice candidate in Fort Smith
Mireya Reith : Arkansas United
Arkansas United, an immigrants advocacy group and co-founder of Arkansas Counts, lauds the creation of Arkansas’ first majority minority Hispanic district. However, we express concern that proposed District 11 seems to have been derived from total population and not voting age population, which gives us concerns about our true ability to ensure our Hispanic community has the representation of our choosing. Former District 89 demonstrated the influence of the Hispanic vote; we are concerned that District 11 may not advance our ability to elect a candidate of our choice despite the title designation. We are also concerned that equal attention was not given to the creation of Hispanic majority minorities districts in Rogers- Proposed Districts 7 (impacting "Little Mexico" in Rogers, which is grouped with rural Benton County and dilutes the Hispanic community in downtown Rogers) and Districts 8/10 (impacting the Hispanic community on the Northside of Rogers around NWACC)- or Proposed District 87 (former District 4, De Queen). We believe that the voting population growth of Hispanics all across Arkansas merits minority majority districts for our community in the state, in multiple locations, but that truly align to our ability to elect representatives of our choosing. Meanwhile, we are also concerned that Northside Fort Smith, former District 78 has historically boasted the highest concentration of Hispanic, African American and Asian communities for the City. Proposed District 49 divides these communities. We are concerned that District 49 reaches so far down into South East Fort Smith; in contrast, the area near Carol Anne Cross park is similar to District 50. The area around Carol Ann Cross Park is more of a community of interest for District 50 than District 49. Again this raises concerns for us that the new district lines will impede our ability as Hispanics to elect our choice candidate in Fort Smith. We hope that the final state maps will boast at least one Hispanic majority minority district but not at the stake of losing influence and representation that we had already gained with previous districts. We implore the Reapportionment Committee to revisit its state district maps in Springdale and Fort Smith, and to explore the creation of a Hispanic majority minority district in Rogers and De Queen. Sincerely, L. Mireya Reith Founding Executive Director, Arkansas United (AU) Cel: 479-871-2168 | Email:
Frances C Carner
Proposed district 74 in the current map segregates and isolates me and my immediate neighbor from our community. This configuration seems like it would silence those of us who live downtown and few miles west btwn West Markham to the south but Highway 10/Cantrell to the north. Isn't partisan gerrymandering illegal under our state's constitution. I think it is. This map is unacceptable and if passed, illegal.
Robert A Ellis
I don't see the need to split Maumelle in to different Districts. It takes away our sense of community.
Vye Watson
The proposed redistributing unfairly allows dilution of minority votes and breaks up the community into different districts. It becomes almost impossible for a person of color to secure enough votes. It undermines the ability of people in communities of color to join together to influence policies and elections that directly effect them. These lines are arbitrarily drawn to divide communities in close proximity.
Richelle B Brittain
I totally disapprove of dividing Jacksonville among three separate House districts. This map sticks me at the northeast corner of a House district out of Sherwood even though my current state representative (Mark Perry) lives in a nearby Jacksonville neighborhood. We need ONE state representative representing ALL of Jacksonville, not three separate ones representing only bits & pieces of the community. I also agree with my friend Loriee Evans’ negative comments about splitting Jacksonville.
Loriee Evans, Indivisible Little Rock & Central Arkansas
Proposed Districts 98 and 99 significantly lower the opportunity of any Black communities in southwest Arkansas being able to elect a candidate of their choosing, in part by unnecessarily splitting the small town of Magnolia (population 11,351) into two separate districts. Magnolia is a community of interest, and should be kept whole. Proportionally, the Arkansas House should have about 16 majority-Black districts, to reflect the fact that Black people make up about 16% of Arkansas' population. Current District 5 was such a minority-majority district, but proposed 98 and 99 divvy up the region's Black voting population, erasing a previous minority-majority district.
Loriee Evans, Indivisible Little Rock & Central Arkansas
Proposed District 48 slices of the north half of former district 78, dividing Fort Smith's community of Black and Hispanic voters residing inside the Arkansas River loop. There is not even a bridge over that section of the Arkansas River to connect the north Fort Smith minority voting community with the rural, mostly White, community north of the River, which begs the question of how connected they are and why they would be placed together in a district, when a more reasonable option would keep Fort Smith's minority communities together in a single district, giving them a fair opportunity to elect a representative of their choice. See graphic of 48 and 49 cracking Fort Smith's minority voters.
Loriee Evans, Indivisible Little Rock & Central Arkansas
Jacksonville has 29,477 residents, all of whom could be reasonably placed in together in a single House district. Instead, the Jacksonville community of interest has been split into three districts, 66, 67, and 69. In particular, a large number of minority voters in Jacksonville are being divided from their community and placed in 66, which snakes down east Pulaski County. Dividing the Jacksonville Black voters and packing them with other minority voters in a stretched out District 66 is similar to a tactic used to divide east Pulaski County minority voters in the Arkansas Congressional maps passed by the legislature in October.
Loriee Evans, Indivisible Little Rock & Central Arkansas
The northeast corner of proposed District 63 carves out part of West Memphis and the west corner carves out part of Forrest City. These two towns are 39 miles apart. The town of Forrest City is a single community of interest; the town of West Memphis is a single COI. As proposed, District 63 is splitting these two COIs, and packing minority voters from West Memphis and Forrest City into a single district. Please see attached image. These two cities should each be kept whole.
Loriee Evans, Indivisible Little Rock & Central Arkansas
Jonesboro center has been unnecessarily split up into 5 districts: 30, 32, 33, 36, and 38. With a population of 78K, the town of Jonesboro as a community of interest could be reasonably be represented by just 3 House districts, while also keeping Jonesboro's minority communities together.
Jane H. Brown
I object to the proposed redistricting maps. Pulaski county as well as several other counties in Arkansas have been split when there is no logical reason to divide counties into more than one district. My conclusion is that county divisions have been created to dilute communities of interest and create unfair representation of citizens' interests. The purpose of the proposed maps is to ensure that Republican seats in the house and senate will be increased.
Olan James
As one of the most diverse districts in the State of Arkansas, it is important that the representation in this area reflect all communities of interest, and in my opinion dividing the Northside of Fort Smith will significantly impede these groups at having a fair shot at representation. Here is my ideal map for this area.
Ray Haywood
I am deeply concerned with the city of Texarkana; the city is slit up in THREE districts. Districts: 100, 88 and 99. Texarkana is large enough for its own district, it is completely unnecessary to slit Texarkana up into THREE districts!
Muhammad Asad Khan
Looking at the proposed map of Jonesboro community, I see the Minority Community have been unnecessarily split into 4 districts, and their voting power is being diluted. They are being combined with rural community, which are super-majority white communities, on all 4 sides of the Jonesboro center. From a voting perspective, it would be almost impossible for a person of color to get elected to the State Legislature from Jonesboro area. I am attaching the url of the map I propose. Sincerely Asad Khan
Arkansas Fair & Equitable Maps Awareness, Planning and Action Team
After a long detailed analysis, AFEMAPAT has determined that the BOA's State House map leaves ample opportunity for improvement. Using the nine criteria that the BOA published on its website, AFEMAPAT was ample to produce several different alternative maps that would provide Arkansans with much more competitive, fairer, and equitable state house races which would produce a General Assembly that is much more equipped to fulfilled its state constitutional mandate to legislate for the benefit, safety and protection of ALL Arkansans, ALL the time. Here is our latest state house map that we offer for the BOA's consideration in helping it to revise its own State House map:
Grace Hirzel
District 21 and 22 divide the University of Arkansas main campus, which should be contained in one district. Fayetteville is excessively divided; districts that divide Fayetteville should not contain surrounding cities and should stay within Fayetteville city limits. This would better represent the opinions of Fayetteville and surrounding communities.
Loriee Evans, Indivisible Little Rock & Central Arkansas
Overall comment on the 100 proposed House districts: A number of the proposed House maps appear to have drawn high-minority populations into particular districts with the result being partisan gain for Republican candidates and underrepresentation of Black Arkansans in the Arkansas House of Representatives. To achieve this, the Board has violated its stated criterion to protect communities of interest, and has frequently divided town and political subdivisions, even when population sizes render such division unnecessary because other solutions are possible. I am attaching Indivisible LRCA's official letter in response to the proposed 100 House maps. We urge the Board of Apportionment to reconsider its frequent use of racial community boundaries to draw new district lines (for example, dividing Fort Smith, Forrest City, Jacksonville, and other towns with large Black and Hispanic communities of interest along racial lines). Alternate maps proposed by the nonpartisan Arkansas Public Policy Panel offer guidance on drawing both House and Senate districts that abide by federal voting law, as well as the Board’s stated goals. We hope you will review them and consider how they more fairly and proportionately represent Arkansas’ population: Thank you.
Bill Kopsky, Arkansas Public Policy Panel
District 99 splits the cities of Magnolia and Texarkana. There are several precincts within this district that appear to have been intentionally split in a manner that reduces the non-white voting population electoral influence.
Bill Kopsky, Arkansas Public Policy Panel
District 98 spans four counties, splitting the cities of Magnolia and Camden in half. The result is that a VRA district with a 56.26% non-white voting age population no longer exists.
Bill Kopsky, Arkansas Public Policy Panel
District 97 splits the City of El Dorado in an apparent manner that reduces the non-white voting population electoral influence.
Bill Kopsky, Arkansas Public Policy Panel
District 96 spans six counties, splitting Union County, Bradley County, Ouachita County, and Cleveland County in half. There are several precincts within this district that appear to have been intentionally split in a manner that reduces the non-white voting population electoral influence.
Bill Kopsky, Arkansas Public Policy Panel
District 95 decouples Chicot County from Desha County and couples it with Ashley County, minimizing the strength of the non-white voting age population in Chicot County.
Bill Kopsky, Arkansas Public Policy Panel
District 94 splits Desha County along racial lines.
Bill Kopsky, Arkansas Public Policy Panel
District 88 & 100 split the City of Texarkana, which is large enough for its own district.
Bill Kopsky, Arkansas Public Policy Panel
District 84 & 91 split the cities of Hot Springs, Hot Springs Village and Lake Hamilton. There are several precincts within these districts that appear to have been intentionally split in a manner that reduces the non-white voting population electoral influence. The City of Hot Springs is large enough to have two districts, with one of them being entirely within its borders. Several Community of Interest (COI) Reports submitted at requested that City of Hot Springs Village be kept whole in one district, despite the fact that the city is within two different counties.
Bill Kopsky, Arkansas Public Policy Panel
Districts 66, 67, 69, 70, 71 & 72 split the cities of North Little Rock, Sherwood, Jacksonville, Maumelle, and Mayflower. The unincorporated town of Gibson, which sits between Camp Robinson and the Little Rock Air Force Base, is also split as an identified Community of Interest (COI). The City of Jacksonville and the Little Rock AFB can be coupled together to create one whole district. These surgical splits have strikingly similar effects on the non-white voting age populations of the cities of Jacksonville, North Little Rock, and Sherwood that the split of Pulaski County had in the proposed congressional map.
Bill Kopsky, Arkansas Public Policy Panel
District 65 splits Jefferson County and the City of Pine Bluff. Formerly District 17, the proposed district is drawn in a way that significantly decreases its non-White voting age population, from 79.96% to 68.33%.
Bill Kopsky, Arkansas Public Policy Panel
District 64 spans three counties, splitting Jefferson County and the City of Pine Bluff and connecting the southeastern section of Pine Bluff with Dumas. Most of this proposed district is the current District 16. Due to the way that it is drawn, it has a sizeable increase in non-white voting age population from 66.18% to 72.71%.
Bill Kopsky, Arkansas Public Policy Panel
Districts 55 and 56 further split the City of Conway. There are several precincts within these districts that appear to have been intentionally split in a manner that reduces the non-white voting population electoral influence. The City of Conway could be drawn whole in two districts.
Bill Kopsky, Arkansas Public Policy Panel
District 52 & 53 – Although the cities of Dardanelle and Russellville are on opposite banks of the Arkansas River, a natural border, there has been at least one Community of Interest (COI) Report filed at that spoke to these two cities being grouped together as a COI.
Bill Kopsky, Arkansas Public Policy Panel
District 47, 48, 49 & 51 split the City of Fort Smith. There are several precincts within these districts that appear to have been intentionally split in a manner that reduces the non-white voting population electoral influence. The City of Fort Smith could be drawn in three districts.
Bill Kopsky, Arkansas Public Policy Panel
District 34, 35, 37 & 63 split Mississippi County and Crittenden County, as well as the cities of Turrell, West Memphis, Gilmore, Marked Tree, Madison, and Forrest City. They are also non-contiguous. There are several precincts within these districts that appear to have been intentionally split in a manner that reduces the non-white voting population electoral influence. The City of West Memphis could be kept whole in one district.
Bill Kopsky, Arkansas Public Policy Panel
Districts 30, 32, 33, 36 & 38 split the City of Jonesboro. Jonesboro could be kept whole and split between three districts, in which two of the three remain within the city limits.
Bill Kopsky, Arkansas Public Policy Panel
District 21 is one of the five districts that split the City of Fayetteville. Fayetteville could be kept whole and split between three districts that all remain within the city limits.
Bill Kopsky, Arkansas Public Policy Panel
Districts 14 and 16 include portions of the cities of Bentonville and Highfill when such could have been avoided.
Bill Kopsky, Arkansas Public Policy Panel
Districts 9, 11, 18, 16 & 19 split the City of Springdale in a manner that appears to intentionally dilute the minority vote in that city. The City of Springdale could be kept whole, with two VRA majority-minority districts inside its borders. According to the Board, the proposed District 11 has a minority population 50.79%. However, an analysis of the shapefile that the Board released in response to an FOIA request only shows a minority population of 49.84%. This difference appears to have resulted from the Board using total population instead of the legally required voting age population.
Bill Kopsky, Arkansas Public Policy Panel
Districts 7, 8 and 15 split the City of Rogers. This mutli-split appears to have intentionally targeted the minority precincts of 3, 44, 50, 54, and 92. A 54.16% VRA majority-minority district could be created by grouping these targeted precincts with precincts 90 and 108.
Bill Kopsky, Arkansas Public Policy Panel
Districts 6 and 26 unnecessarily split the City of Green Forest.
Cathianne Watkins
Spring Valley Manor has little affiliation with neighborhoods in rural southwestern Pulaski County and Saline County, which comprise district 78. My experience is that we have been poorly represented by District 78 officials who are focused on the center of the district, not remote, carved-out additions. Don't use Spring Valley Manor voters as a puzzle piece for balancing the numbers! We would better served by representation from Distict 75 or 77, which are at least part of the the City of Little Rock's West and Southwest areas, as we are.
Jo Anne Elsken
District 49 is gerrymandered to dilute the voice of people of color. I taught there; my friends are there; it is a unique community of historic buildings and lower-income residences. It should not be divided this way. I have a better map:
Evelyn Ríos Stafford
I applaud state officials for creating Arkansas's first majority-Hispanic House District. This is an important step forward and an opportunity for our community's self-representation in state government. However, I think the commission should reconsider how the lines were specifically drawn. Splitting downtown Springdale along the railroad tracks does not keep communities together. Please reconsider a way to maintain district 9's demographics, while also moving the urban parts of district 11 back in with the rest of the city.
Janine Perlman
This map reduces the number of competitive districts and racially gerrymanders several, thus diluting minority power even further below its current pitiable status. Three notably undemocratic proposed districts are 11, 66, and 98. All three separate populations with common interests, which instead must be able to elect officials who will truly represent those interests!
Hollis Lyons
I do not like the proposed map as drawn. We have been split in our coverage.
Richard Morris
I prefer the old districts 78. The new districts incorporate Van Buren into Fort Smith each of which are divergent, not diverse. Very little in common. 78 was a better map.
Diane Osborne
North Fort Smith is divided into three districts, diluting the diverse racial population between the three. In fairness to this cohesive community, a map with the appropriate total population is here:
Lillie Wright
this is the map I have added. I have lived in Magnolia for most of my life. Please take into consideration the wishes of the residents of Columbia County. We would like the map to be redrawn not based on race but what the people want. If you don't live in this community how can you make the decision to redraw without hearing our objections.
Lee Easley
The SE corner of district 49 needs to be changed to 50. Those in that area do business in district 50. Please reconsider...thank you!
Donny R Ivie
You have split the City of Tuckerman into two house districts. This does not make good sense! Please put the entire City of Tuckerman into House District 38! Please!
Karen Uzelac
I have lived in Elm Springs for 8 years. Splitting our small community does not make sense, the entire city limits should remain together. I would like to suggest that we keep Elm Springs with Tontitown and combine those areas with Wheeler and Harmon. That would keep these communities together and geographically makes more sense.
Alicia Tribble
I have resided in District 18 for 14 years. Including a portion of Fayetteville and splitting our small town of Elm Springs in half appears to lack respect and reason. If Harmon and Wheeler were added, a more "shoe box" effect would add to the puzzle of Arkansas. We need the entire population of Elm Springs to remain together.
Kurt Marine
Please consider moving the section of Fort Smith from District 49 to District 50. This section near Wedgewood/Euper and Carol Ann Cross park is really part of our community, in that it seems a better fit for the residents and our economic and social interactions.
Mary Bryant
District 49 extends too far south near Carol Ann Cross Park. The citizens in that area are more in line with District 50 and my suggestion is this boundary be moved.
Melissa Marine
I was so surprised to see the area of south of Carol Anne Cross park in District 49. Most of the people in this area do business and live life in District 50. Please reconsider moving this area to District 50. Thank you.
Chris King
The Carol Ann Cross / Wedgewood Area is better represented by district 50. This area is not representative of district 49.
McKale Scallions
I am curious as to why district 49 reaches so far into the east side of Fort Smith around Carol Ann Cross Park? This area should be included with district 50 based on schools and where people do business in that area.
G Ferris
These typical fragmentations break up communities rather than uniting them. Which makes obtaining solutions more difficult and strengthens division. It only supports the employment of more bureaucrats.
Monica Davidson
This isn't awful, but I question Alexander being split between Little Rock and Bryant (and therefore 2 districts). Also, while most of Shannon Hills is in Bryant School district, a portion is not. Also, since we literally run up against the county line and city limits, I think most people from Shannon Hills probably work in Little Rock. My kids attend schools in LR. Aside from our school district, I'd consider Shannon Hills to be more closely aligned with Little Rock than Bryant. If the whole city was in one school district, maybe we would favor heading down into Saline county for things, but my area heads to SWLR for the most part.
Kathy Layman
I love a good puzzle, but some of these NWA proposed districts don't make sense. There is no reason to include a portion of Fayetteville in the 18th district, and I ask that it be removed. District 18 should include all of Elm Springs. Splitting that small town isn't beneficial to their population.
Molly Myers
Why is this district split the way it is? The district just one street over from me includes Bentonville while this one is Bella Vista and Pea Ridge. These places are drastically different? If someone were to live behind my house, across Kingsland, they would be in a different district even though we are super close to one another.
James Alford
Splitting Lake Poinsett into two districts does not make sense. We need one advocate to work toward maintaining this “jewel” of the area just that. The fact that it’s associated with the town of Harrisburg would suggest that it be included in that district.
Charles Carney
Springdale needs to be grouped into 1 district. Keep communities together!
Charles Carney
Rogers should not be split into 3. Municipalities all have common interests and concerns!
Caroline Waller
Magnolia should be united in one singular district. El Dorado and Camden are both kept whole, while Magnolia is divided.
Mindy McAlindon
Looks like the Harmon area should be in 18 -- doesn't make sense to drop into Fayetteville to pick up voters when Harmon voters will have the same concerns and interests as the upper part of 18. This should be reviewed for better lines! Thanks!
Laura Macfarlan
I'm sure this is challenging at best. Northwest Arkansas has grown significantly and redrawing these lines is not an easy task. When the district follows precinct lines, keeps neighborhoods together, and even has a general "round" shape, it seems to make sense. I'm scratching my head wondering what's happening with District 18. The odd shape seems unreasonable, at best. Rather than dipping down to grab portions of Fayetteville, would it make more sense to extend the western border towards District 17?
Dan Bell
District 6 stretches all the way east to Lead Hill to insure that left leaning Eureka Springs is neutralized by the rural right. Eureka Springs should connect west with like-minded souls.
Dan Bell
Jonesboro's Southeastern neighborhoods have been carved out and pooled with rural areas all the way down to Lepanto to dilute the minority voice of that community
Dan Bell
Springdale is split in a way that ruins it's community voice
Dan Bell
Little Rock has been dissected inappropriately losing all sense of a diverse community
Jennifer Lancaster
Put 824 Turtle Creek, Benton, in District 83.
Michael Landry
Proposed House District 18 should extend into the Harmon Precinct since this area, just outside the Tontitown city limits, is closely related to Tontitown interests. Part of the Harmon Precinct is within the Tontitown Planning District and is served by the Tontitown Area Fire Department.
Lorri Justice
If I didn't know better, it looks to me like you are trying to redistrict Wayne Beech out so he cannot run against Lanny Fite. Wayne fights for ALL people in the state of Arkansas and as we know, the vote of any one districts affects ALL of the people in this state. PLEASE ADD 824 Turtle Creek 72015 BACK INTO DISTRICT 83! WE THE PEOPLE want Wayne!!!
Renee Oelschlaeger
Harmon and the surrounding community should remain in the same district as Tontitown and Elm Springs. These are similar "communities of interest" which should retain their "continuity of representation." The proposed map configuration is a DIS-configuration which haphazardly changes existing lines and districts.
Alison J Conn
This map disenfranchises students, people of color, and city dwellers and rural voters alike. My needs in Jonesboro are not the same as those living in Trumann and Bay and it is nonsensical to ask the same person to represent us. This map is likely illegal and should be changed.
Chenoa Summers
This map carves up my district, diluting the student vote. This also unfairly disenfranchises people of color in Jonesboro. The way this map is carved gives an unfair advantage to Republicans.
Robert Massingill
Makes more sense keep Elm Springs and Tontitown areas withinone district instead of having District 18 look like a big letter T. These areas share water, sewage, police and courts, why a big finger that goes down to Fayetteville?
Arla Winfield
Please move Wayne Beech at 824 Turtle Creek, 72015 back into the new state house district 83 map. We want Wayne to be our representative.
Aaron King
Jonesboro is being carved up with large swaths of the city districted with rural areas far away. Seems like this is being done to preserve Republican majorities by diluting minority voting blocks in primarily urban areas.
Christina Martin
The area of district 49 from 66th to the east or 74th St to the east (to district 51) has much more in common with district 50. Most citizens in that area go to the same schools as district 50, shop in the same shopping districts, and eat at the same restaurants. The types of businesses are the same and the economics of the area are the same. It doesn't make sense to have that small swath of land go with district 49. It should be in district 50.
Miles Epperson
It does not make sense to have district 51 stretch all the way South to include Hackett and Bonanza. The rural areas of Sebastian county have different interests than the city of Fort Smith. It would make more sense to have district 51 extend to the east and include Barling and Fort Chaffee. That area is much more urban and connected to Fort Smith and would keep the city's districts much more compact as well as allow the Hackett/Bonanza area of the county to be represented by someone who shares more of their interests.
Miles Epperson
Splitting North Fort Smith into two districts dilutes the voice of the most diverse and urban part of the city. All of North Fort Smith should be preserved in one district as it has been for the past decade to preserve the voice and representation of minority voters.
Donny R Ivie
After careful review of the proposed House District Maps, which affects my county, I have found the following shortfalls in these maps and stand ready to offer a remedy for correcting them. House District 39 has a proposed population of 31,076. Target range is 30,115. District 39 is overloaded by 961 people or 3.19%. House District 40 proposed population is 30,848 with a target range of 30, 115. It is overloaded by 733 people or 2.43%. House District 41 proposed population is 29,359 with target range of 30,115. District 41 is short 756 people or 2.51%. My proposal is to SHIFT LEFT! The part of Independence County now proposed to be in House District 39, move it to House District 40 (961 people). The part in Cleburne County now proposed to be in House District 40 move it to House District 41 (-756 people). This should about even out these three districts and also eliminate any un intended consequences.
Jimmie Hulsey
Very unhappy about losing our elected State Representative Dwight Tosh. It doesn't make sense to have a new Rep that's 2 countries away!
Joshua Sol
You claim to be so proud of the new Majority-Latino district in Springdale, but then split the parts of Fort Smith with substantial minority/Latino populations. The consistency is just not there and these districts dilute the voice of Fort Smith's minority populations.
Allison Austin Byrum
The extension of district 15 down toward Lowell while leaving out the people living in Rogers just south of Pleasant Grove Rd by hwy 71 doesn't make any sense
Allison Austin Byrum
Downtown Rogers being split into 3 different districts, which makes no sense. I live next to Lake Atalanta and am very involved with DTR but my district is being included with Pea Ridge, places that are half an hour drive away, and not people who are practically neighbors?
Beth Keck
According to the 2020 census, Bentonville is now only 66% white. My city is being split with 14th street being the southern boarder. District 10 does not represent the demographics of my city. Our city should be kept more whole rather than being split and combined with parts of Bella Vista which is much less diverse. Please make an adjustment so my district represents the diversity of my city.
Joshua Sol
The two districts drawn in Eastern Springdale (11 especially) appear to be drawn out of the desire to remove Rep. Godfrey from the district she currently represents. I don't know if that's 100% true or not, but the two districts are drawn in a way that removes her from a constituency she has developed relationships with and it's concerning that the Board seems to want to put partisanship over all else. Republicans already have massive majorities. You don't have to do this.
Jenny Petty
I don't understand why the northeast corner of Jonesboro city limits was added into a district with Brookland/Lake City/eastern Craighead County. That doesn't make sense. I live within city limits yet my district covers a majorly rural areas. Also it feels like the minority population of Jonesboro was carved up between multiple districts.
Ben Hall
Splitting a thriving, walkable, downtown community into two house districts makes no sense. It's an absurd at best and nefarious at worst. Springdale deserves a united voice at the Capitol and should remain whole.
Jeff D Kegley
You had to split Marked Tree? Really?
Christopher Ishmael
I don't quite understand why my district isn't part of the rest of west Little Rock. I think my neighborhood is starkly different from the rest of the district and I'm not sure this will lead to the best, most accurate representation for my family and I.
Melonaie Gullick
Why is Faulkner County split between 6 House districts?
Jacque Martin
How is it that Cleburne County went from two House districts to four? You have divided Quitman, a city of 752 people, into three districts. Really? First you move Cleburne County from the 1st Congressional District into the 2nd Congressional District and then you divide us into four districts? What are you thinking? You are diluting our political power. For what purpose? Why aren't you dividing the rural counties by their county lines? It has been done before and you leave contiguous communities together in one district for better representation. You need to back to the drawing board ASAP.
Heather Graham
Dividing Mtn Home proper and taking in parts of Fulton County is not in the best interest of our area, and does not serve our economic needs. District 4 is undersized significantly and considering it's an already rural area, should be increased to incorporate the communities nearby. District 27 is ridiculous and there is no way for fair and equitable representation across that district. It would be difficult for any representative to physically visit the whole of their district. That's just wrong. C'mon guys. We can do better and give our communities the representation they deserve!
Jacklyn Perry Ryan
District 24 needs to be expanded East & District 25 needs to retract from the South and expand East. So the Huntsville School District is within the Same District. District 25 could expand west to Sonora to straighten the line. I'm reading these comments & wonder why some of the cities are so split up and paired with other parts with nothing in common?
Jacklyn Perry Ryan
Part of District 11 needs to be added to District 9 in S-dale. I read the comments & agree. Core Springdale needs to be similar to Core Fayetteville. District 25 is in Hindsville some, it needs to expand to Wesley, Huntsville Core, Elkins, St. Paul. There is "no connection" between people in Sonora/Wesley/Elkins/Hindsville to others south of Winslow. I live in Sonora. Currently, and proposed, the House Rep for Huntsville resides in Ozark -- No Connection! Madison County is now part of the NWA Congressional District. Madison County needs to be more part of District 25.
Debbie Recktenwald
I do not like having Mountain Home split between 2 districts. Why should we have a representative miles from 1/2 the city when the other representative lives IN Mountain Home and represents the other 1/2 of the city? Why not move the district line further south to include the area of Norfork for the District 4 representative (Jack Fortner) and leave all of Mountain Home as District 3 fully dedicated to one representative (Nelda Speaks) or her successor? Makes absolutely no sense to divide the largest city in Baxter County between 2 Districts. Please revisit this proposal. Thank you.
Nathan Grant
This plan splits Independence County into three districts. District 28 throws Lawrence County geographically, demographically, and economically have little, if nothing in common. It also dilutes Independence County's voting power by combining it with other less populated counties, raising the chance that Ind county could NOT have a representative that lives in the county. BAD, BAD BAD move! This needs to be fixed!!!!!
Olivia Harrington
Downtown Springdale should not be split into different districts. The proposed boundaries split an area that has been majority-minority, allowing the community's voice to be represented. I do not see any reasonable rational for the proposed district split.
Olivia Harrington
Downtown Springdale should not be split into different districts. The proposed boundaries split an area that has been majority-minority, allowing the community's voice to be represented. I do not see any reasonable rational for the proposed district split.
Vernon Jeff Kincade
I think we need to keep Mountain Home in one district.
Edward Elliott
The City of Mountain Home should not be split. It should have one repersentives and having two is unfair to the people of the community. Having two repersentives for the same town would divide the community and is not the best interest of the people.
Chris Chudej
Mountain Home should be represented by one individual. Splitting the town into two separate districts is unfair and will lead to representation that has mixed priorities. Whoever came up with this idea is obviously not looking out for the best interests of the citizens of our fine community.
Julia Landrum
Counties should not be divided for political advantage. My city is divided into 3 different districts! Gerrymandering is cheating to win, and this map makes it clear that winning is more important than fair representation for our attorney general and others responsible for this.
Robin Benetz
It is pretty obvious why you are structuring the district this way and it is to keep David Ray inside our district. We want someone local to represent our district. We are tired of politicians changing things to suit them. Either change it or I will go to the press about it and let you explain why you moved the line to this point. District 71 is low and we are over. This line needs to be shifted appropriately.
Jay A Wescoat
My wife and I have been Mountain Home residents for 20 yrs. We recently have purchased a home across town. This house had long been in the same district as our prior. Under this proposed boundary, we would now be represented by someone in a town 3 times smaller. All of Mountain Home needs to be represented by the same person not split.
Misty Orpin
I live in this district in a very urban, core Springdale neighborhood. It's pretty dense, older neighborhood, much like those around it. Instead of keeping us with neighborhoods of like interest, this new district would group us with very rural areas in rural Benton County near Beaver Lake. We are isolated from neighborhoods to the east, west, and south of us to create a narrow finger up and over to rural Benton County. This map respects neither county boundaries nor shared interest groups.
Kaleigh Painter
Please put all of Mountain Home in District 3.
Karyn Maynard
This area belongs in 71 - it is similar in demographics and that district is 1200 low while 69 is 900 over and is very rural - this area of Maumelle does not match the rest of the district. There is no incumbent in 71 since Mark Lowery is not running again. Our rural district deserves representation from someone who does not live in the city and knows what issues we have out here.
William Ernst
Splitting up Springdale into so many small parts damages the community's collective voice. The more fractured, the harder it will be for people to feel like their voice is heard. The same thing happened with Rogers as well. If it's related to political gain, conservative lawmakers already represent a veto-proof majority. My question is, what is gained by these boundaries? Why not let Springdale keep the core of city intact?
Stetson C. Painter
Mountain Home should be in one state representative district, not in two state representative districts. Mountain Home has always been in one state representative district, it needs to stay that way. A representaitve from Mountain Home needs to represent Mountain Home, not someone else outside of Baxter County. Please make the necessary corrections.